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How to choose the reflective hood for the lights

LED UFO 90 Watts

LED UFO 90 Watts

$ 199.99

Each light contains 90 x 1 watt LEDs, 7:1:1 red/blue/orange ratio

Precision red LEDs (flowering)
Precision blue LEDs (vegetation)
Precision orange LED's (mid-spectrum)

Built-in, ballast-free, power supply. Three low-noise fans. Operates on 120 volts; standard 3-prong cord included. Built-in lugs for easy mounting.

Weight: 8 lbs.

Marijuana seeds and the plant that springs out of them are very sun-loving organisms. A successful indoor plantation needs appropriate light system. What a grower should take into consideration is the properly high bulb wattage and light distribution that penetrates the whole plant evenly. While the wattage is not so difficult to establish, growers install reflective hoods for their lights to provide proper light intensity. This article will show the advantages and disadvantages of the most common shapes of reflective hoods, so that when you buy marijuana seeds you will also get a good type of hood that is suitable for pot seeds.

The two most used reflective hoods are vertical and horizontal. If we look into vertical hoods such as cone or parabolic shaped, it turns out that the light intensity they produce is not impressive. This is caused by the fact that light must hit the side of the hood before it is reflected in the direction of the plants. Artificial light that you get from a bulb is losing its intensity as it travels, so the longer the distance between the reflective hood and the bulb the worse intensity you get. As the light has to travel a longer distance, in the case of a vertical hood, the power of its reflection is lower. A good solution would be to have the reflector as close to the bulb as possible, while the bulb itself should be close enough to your cannabis seeds or plants. In general, vertical hoods are not so efficient and it is discouraged to use them in the case of marijuana. But its price is low so beginner growers of weed seeds tend to start out with them. Remember not to make this mistake, as you will regret it during your harvest. You need to invest in proper lights so that when you buy cannabis seeds your yield will be the highest possible.

More suitable reflectors for marijuana seeds are horizontal ones. Research showed that horizontal lamps are 40 percent more efficient and more intense. This is caused by the fact that only 50 percent of the light is reflected as the rest goes straight from the bulb to the plants. The problem with horizontal reflective hoods is that there is a hot spot directly under the bulbs. To reduce this extensive heat some hood producers implement light deflector for the bulbs. Thanks to them horizontal lights can be placed closer to the plants without the risk of burning the plant. The problem of heat caused by reflective hoods is an issue concerning both vertical and horizontal hoods. It is solved by installing lots of vents that dissipate the heat. Other options is to have a fan to increase the air flow and thus lower the heat around the lights. It is necessary to tackle the problem of heat especially if you want to have enclosed hoods. This kind of hood has a glass shield that protects the plants from the heat but causes a build-up of heat inside the hood. Glass shield also serves as a protection of bulbs from water. Remember that if you fail to provide enough air circulation, that dissipates the heat, your bulbs will burnout quickly.

Finally, if it turns out that your lights are not providing enough lumens either increase the wattage of the bulbs or paint the inside of the hood with titanium white paint. Such paint reflects light more efficiently and will increase the reflected light by between 5 and 10 percents. To sum up, invest your money into horizontal hoods as they are more efficient and provide better light distribution which is necessary for growth of marijuana plants. The vertical hoods will not provide the same effects as horizontal ones and they are not suggested for indoor cannabis cultivation.

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