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How To Prevent Marijuana Seedlings From Stretching

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There are several reasons marijuana seeds stretch when growing. One of the most common reasons marijuana seedlings stretch is they are reaching for light.

Put your hand over the marijuana seedling. It should be warm but not hot.

There are numerous ways to keep your marijuana seeds from stretching. Marijuana seeds stretch due to various factors Some marijuana seeds just stretch as part of their growing process.

Natural selection may have passed on the trait for stretchy plants.

Before purchasing marijuana seeds review grow journals of your chosen strain. This way you'll get an idea of how the marijuana plant will grow.

HPS system in marijuana growroom

Some marijuana seeds may stretch at the start.

However stretched cannabis plants can be due to a marijuana fertilizer deficiency, too long a vegetative period or even the temperature of the grow room.

Marijuana plants stretch to compete for light.

HPS lights are high in red spectrum, so marijuana plants grown under them stretch less.

Higher temperatures, shorter photoperiods and dense planting will cause marijuana seeds to stretch.

Keeping your marijuana seeds from stretching improves yield dramatically.

Seedlings that are forced to compete for light will stretch to find it. This results in poor marijuana bud production. Marijuana plants become spindly and produce poor results.

Ensure your light is the correct height.

Then check your grow room temperature.

Add a fan to gently sway the marijuana seedlings. This will cause your marijuana seeds to strengthen. An oscillating fan gently sways the stretching cannabis plant forcing it to stiffen up before growing further.

Many sativa marijuana seeds are known for stretching. As these cannabis plants tend to grow tall and lanky.

Indica cannabis seeds generally do not grow lanky. They're more short and squat. This is especially true for White Widow and Big Bud.

These marijuana seeds when grown properly will not stretch. Instead they will produce short small bushy plants.

Stop stretching before it starts is one of the biggest challenges a marijuana grower faces.

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